The Rattles
THE RATTLES - Canada's Most Authentic Tribute to THE BEATLES!

“It’s as if the Beatles never broke up at all!” - This group captures the essence of the men and the spirit of music that was and still is – The Beatles.

The Rattles - Just the music of the Beatles played live and fresh as the day it was written by a group of guys as charming and individual in their personalities as the Fab Four themselves. this is a true musical experience fit for one and all…

Antonio ChiuccarielloAntonio Chiuccariello - Tony began playing various instruments when he was just seven years old. He was always a big Beatles fan and particularly of John Lennon’s contribution both to the Beatles and then as a solo artist. Throughout these years he has polished his craft and become a very accomplished guitar player and singer, with a vocal style eerily similar to Lennon’s. After several attempts to start a Beatles tribute band, he finally got it perfect when he met Alex and the group they put together gelled effortlessly into what has become – The Rattles.
Constantine A. KarzisConstantine A. Karzis - Alex has been involved with music most of his life, he has always been a massive Beatles’ fan and self proclaimed Beatlegeek. He met Tony (aka; John) @ a Daniel Lanois gig, and they realized they had a common interest in The Beatles, however, when Alex told Tony that he was a left-handed bass player that had a Hofner and could sing, well then the deal was sealed and the beginning of the Rattles band took an instant and irreversible leap towards the band it is today.
David Martin SegalDavid Martin Segal - Dave is by all accounts the ‘smoking-est’ lead guitar player out there. His chops have evolved over many years and countless live performances. He is meticulous when it comes to Georges solo’s in the Beatles cannon. He works hard to make them not only seamless, but also musically in the groove of the overall sound and feel of the band. He sings harmonies and lead flawlessly and the strange thing is, before he joined up with the Rattles, he had never sung live on stage. Once he joined up with the other boys, the cast was set.
Joseph BardaroJoseph Bardaro - Joe has been drumming for “as long as he can remember”, being someone who is naturally gifted on many instruments, his passion for drumming and Beatles music soon led him to the inevitable influence of Ringo Starr’s work on the seminal Beatles catalogue. A longtime friend of Tony, when they joined up with Alex (Paul) and Dave (George) the quartet felt that the fit was right and the sound was perfect. Joe is also an avid collector of vintage drum sets
including two Beatles – style Ludwigs that bear the dropped ‘T’ signature style of the Beatles, only the logo reads – The Rattles