The Rattles
THE RATTLES - Canada's Most Authentic Tribute to THE BEATLES!

Hi Alex.
I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the English lady that spoke to you after you had finished performing on saturday night in Orillia.
I just want to tell you that you guys were amazing!!! My friend Kelli and I both said that you were the best cover band we have seen and believe me we have seen lots!! Considering you have only been playing together for two years is confirmation of how good you are. I liked you because you were natural. Yes, you were covering the Beatles but your own personalities came through which I like. Some bands try too hard to be like the Beatles with their outfits etc. but alot of them sound so phony and the same. You guys are original and I like that. Don’t ever change.
Thank you so much for the T-shirts, they were much appreciated and also for the chat. We hope to see you again soon and for sure at next years Beatle Fest. I will keep in touch periodically to see how you are doing and what is happening within the band. Please say Hello to all the band for me and keep up the great work!!!!
You are AWESOME!!!!!
Take care,


Shirley-Ann (Evans)

Hello Alex!

My name is Laurie Lamoureux and I recently saw "The Rattles" perform at the Orillia Beatles festival. Not sure if you remember, but I was in the front row Saturday night with my sister (I gave you my beer ticket for a shirt, we bought you a beer, I couldn't remember a part of "hey jude" when you put the mic to me haha). Anyways.... I just wanted to say that you guys MADE my weekend in Orillia. I am not from there, I am actually from Sudbury, Ontario (approximately 3 hours North of Orillia) but we travelled to the festival and were absolutely blown away by "The Rattles". I have recently requested to be a part of the "facebook group" and I was wondering if you guys have ever come to Sudbury before or if you had anything else coming up in Northern Ontario? 

Once again, you guys rocked that town this weekend, by far the best Beatles tribute band I have seen thus far. 

Thanks again,

Laurie Lamoureux


Our patrons and organizers were very impressed with the Rattles performance. You actually got people to get up and dance not just for one song, but for several songs. Good job. I am glad you enjoyed our festival in our little town of Verona. Thank you for accepting the invitation to perform. We will send you photos and if the press publish any of the show, we will send that to you also.

Wayne Conway
General Manager Verona Cattail Festival
1021 Cedarwoods Dr.
Verona, ON K0H 2W0


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